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Escalating feelings that far exceed common sense

By Matthew Hindley
Size 173cm x 142cm
Material Mixed Media

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Hindley plunges into wrestling with the unknown, unnameable pathway of abstraction. This process relies on the raw building blocks that classically make up a painting: line, colour and form. He explores each of these formal aspects, while encouraging paint to be paint, inventing and developing an expanding array of applications. Energetic compositions arrive as a captured moment in time and depart ever-changing and unending.

Without the commitment to an explicit narrative found in figurative compositions, this conceptual shift from metaphorical to ontological surrenders the freedom of interpretation to the audience. The specificity of figures is abandoned for the potential of universality. Arrangements seem capacious and immersive, engaging the viewer while still imagining freedom of movement beyond the works’ edges.

Some paintings break out of the conventional containment of the canvas, and escape onto the frames. This serves to disrupt their visual finiteness. The extension of the painting onto the frame itself expands the work by incorporating a sculptural quality, destabilising the definition between painting and object.

His more recent pieces, focussing on physical dimensionality and light and shade, continue to explore with an almost childlike wonder, the possibilities of paint. Hindley’s works present as an exuberant experience celebrating the formal aspects of abstract painting while also revealing the richness of Hindley’s adaptive and transformative practice.

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