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ETHERIA 720( )

By Kilmany-Jo Liversage
Price 7.800 Euro
Size 140x140
Material Acrylic, aerosol spray on canvas

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About this work

ETHERIA 720( ) is one of the 7 works Kilmany is presenting with Atelier Louis, in an effort to challenge and amplify the modern day woman. This collection of paintings were made in April (04) and July(07) of 2020(20) . The ( ) at the end is an extra indication of the global pandemic which is happening right now.

Liversage’s latest studio expedition is evident in her bright and brazen color applications as well as urban textural investigations procuring a strong and intense experience on first encounter. These works present a curiosity towards emblazoned surface application through urban materials related to street-art and urban environments. Subject matter is sourced from social media platforms pertaining to contemporary youth and pop-culture.

These works represent Liversage’s intimate relationship with her alter ego and street name “ORDA”. This symbiotic relationship allows her to investigate the parallels between street-art painting and academic painting ( in the studio ) …allows the two to co-exist in her process making and represents the Contemporary Female subject as a celebrated Matriarchal being.

This work can be viewed at

Private Gallery

Gallery, Heist-op-den-Berg