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By Anina Deetlefs
Price 6.300 euro
Size 91.5 cm x 126 cm
Material Oil and pen on canvas

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About this work

From the phantasmagorical fairy realm  of illusions and dreams  conjured up by the imagination, comes the ancient Irish  goddess, Aine.

The tradition of fairy superstition has no single origin, a number of causes being credited with causality, that include trance, dream states and psychic experiences, all phantasmagoric in nature.

Aine, (pronounced AW-neh  is  known as a Faery Queen. She is often called  Goddess of Love, Light, and Fertility.  Her name means “brightness, glow, joy, radiance; splendor, glory, fame” and she is associated with the abundance of the fruit in the full summer season.

As a Moon Goddess and a Fertility Goddess she ruled over and protected both crops and animals. At Midsummer celebrations  people honored Aine and Her sacred fire.

Aine was much loved in ancient times and was seen as the people’s Goddess, who gave much to them  and received their love and worship in return. An ancient myth tells the story of how Aine gave the gift of grain to the people of Ireland.

Neolithic votive offerings, hut circles and caves have been discovered in the Lough Gur area, perhaps indicating that Aine’s worship dates back to our early Neolithic ancestors.

Aine, with long red hair held by a headband of fallen stars, was always seen wearing yellow attire fitting for a Goddess associated with the sun and the moon. Her element is air.  Her sacred animals are the red mare, rabbit and swan.

If you are one of the few, who has seen and believe in the enchanting fairy folk, call on Aine for aid in love, fertility and prosperity. Ask for Her help in claiming your own power and in experiencing true joy in life.   On Her sacred days, Midsummer and Lammas, feel Her presence as the Divine Feminine while meditating on your own divinity.  May the Goddess of Light, Love and Fertility, who brings us the sun’s power and life force and the moon’s mystery, intuition and regeneration, be with you and protect you as you move through the days of your life.

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