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By Anina Deetlefs
Price 8.600 Euro
Size 138cm x 180cm
Material Oil and pen on canvas

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About this work

Thrive refers to the miracle plant, the Spekboom / Spekbush . It is native to South Africa and is found in the Eastern Cape . It is a bush-like plant with a thick stem and small, fleshy green leaves that clump together in threes, like a succulent version of clover. It seems rather unassuming for a plant with a growing reputation for saving the planet.

It requires almost no water to grow. It not only survives in the arid conditions of the Eastern Cape but thrives creating copious amounts of precious oxygen. This humble tree is being replanted hectares at a time because of its ability to capture carbon, restore natural ecosystems and alleviate poverty.

From government restoration programmes to schoolyard educational projects, spekboom has become a symbol for carbon emission reduction and climate change awareness. Using this plant as pattern within “Thrive”
I aim to bring awareness to both our current global ecological crises and the comparison that we need to make between ourselves and this humble little piece of greenery.

Humankind is set apart from all other forms of life by our dual nature, the propensity to do both good and bad. Mankind is singularly of a dual nature. We are of a nature that is different from animals and we pride ourselves on that. We steer this ship called Earth.

We as a human race must learn to capitalize on its strengths and even more importantly learn to overcome its weaknesses. If we do not begin to grasp this double-sided coin within us, we cannot truly begin to learn how to create prosperity for ourselves and the life and land all around us.

We might yet save our world through our shere ingenuity and ability to show compassion or we may yet destroy it for future generations with our selfish pollution.

We need to be the agents of change.
Fight for what is important and bring awareness to it.

In the wise words of Jillian Micheals:
” Thriving. That’s fighting… Surviving is barely getting by.”

This work can be viewed at

Atelier M

Interieurinrichting, Nijlen