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02/03/2024 - 24/03/2024


Private Gallery
Gastveld 4
2220 Heist-op-den-Berg
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About the event

Atelier Louis is proud to introduce to you new works by three South African artists, namely Janko de Beer, Jimmy Law and Riaan Van Zyl.

Janko, born in 1980, grew up in a very creative family. He was inspired by the many visits to artists’ studios and by talented painters in his family.

He began his career with sculpture, but meanwhile he also paints. Atelier Louis presents his ‘sculptures’. Found materials such as kelp, coral, bones, … are combined by him with conventional sculpting methods to create the works.

Janko’s work has been featured in many international exhibitions and he was a finalist for a Global Art Award twice. For the first time, Atelier Louis will also present some of his paintings.

Jimmy Law is a contemporary artist, painter, and sculptor from Cape Town, South Africa. He is specialised in portraiture, figurative work, nudes and sculpting.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown of 2020, Jimmy started producing his first astronaut pieces. These were produced in a far more realistic style and most were quite conceptual, combining the astronaut with elements of nature like animals. He suspect that isolation and the vulnerable state that the world found itself in influenced the creation of these works on a subconscious level.

In 2022, he started sculpting and produced his first bronze sculpture based on one of his astronaut paintings. Working in three dimensions is challenging but also exciting, providing him with a totally different perspective from the two-dimensional paintings he produces. 

Riaan takes inspiration from commonplace, ordinary ideas and likes to showcase his impression and apprehension of things around him, effectively capturing their context and value with a de-constructed eye. At first glance his work looks abstract and confusing but the results have their own very personal syntax, punctuation and orchestration. They become almost a performance of movement rather than a standard drawing.

He is very focused on having people look at the everyday things in a different light. He loves working in experimental mediums for example old car oil and anthracite. He enjoys the process of making art, the playing with new and old mediums and the concept behind the works as well as the actual exhibiting of the work.

Atelier Louis will provide a glass of South African bubbly while you discover the artists and … you can admire some more works by a new artist in premiere!